Gas smart meter fault

Hi. I got a 1st gen smart meter fitted by Scottish gas in 2010. Changed to bulb in 2018. However, the gas meter has a fault basically saying “credit off, press b for gas”. Its not a prepay meter. I followed the instructions but basically it say opening gas valve please wait then, operation faulty, please retry. I have found hee haw on bulb site as to who I should contact about getting it replaced. Basically I have no heating, hot water or able to use gas hob. Any suggestions would be gratefully recvd. Even smart arse ones.

Hi @JB_1905,

In this situation, please can you call our emergency number so that we can make this our priority.
The number to call is 0300 303 0635.

Thanks noah. I did that this morning & engineer has visited. However, just before he got there the meter started working again?!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:
Couldn’t have been a download to upgrade it to allow bulb to read it smartly, that may have been a factor?
Not blaming bulb or that, just curious as to what may have caused it.

Hi @JB_1905 Thanks for updating us. This is certainly an interesting case :thinking: I’m pleased to hear your supply came back on, it’s unusual for this to happen once the gas supply has gone off.

Please could I just ask you to clarify

  1. Was the meter exchanged by the engineer in the end?
  2. Did it eventually come back on from you following the instructions mentioned in your first messaged, or by itself?


No. He apparently called his manager, who said no change, but had idea or seen this, happen before. No. I tried at between 8-9 on the Tuesday night, then after the 2nd attempt closed the box and left it. I made no further attempt to reset it.
All we can tell is that basically, smart meters are really quite smart in that they can self fix?!?