Gas Smart Meter - Medium Pressure

I recently had the smart meter installed for electricity but the installer advised that he could not install the meter for gas as the village I live in has “medium pressure” and he didn’t have the equipment for that and suggested I contact you after a short period.

When can I expect this to be resolved and a smart meter fitted for gas? It seems pointless having an electricity smart meter when I have to walk passed it outside to get to the gas meter to take a reading.

Hi @kevinmcmahon,

Currently, our meter operators Siemens or Morrison Data Services aren’t able to come around to fit your gas smart meter as they lack the tools necessary to be able to install one.

We haven’t been given a timeframe of when we can expect to book in a gas-only medium pressure smart meter exchange. This is made worse by the fact that the UK is about to go into another lockdown :unamused:

Happy to add you on to our meter job waiting list for when we are able to conduct the smart meter exchange though Kevin?