Gas Smart Meter Not Commisionned Since install on 17th August 2020!

I had my smart meters installed on 17th August 2020 and today is the 5th November 2020 and I still do not have a properly functioning smart meter setup! My electric one is fine however my Gas meter was never commissioned and I’ve been battling with support to get this sorted since then! How on earth can it take this long to have it commissioned! The delays in support getting back to me is shocking and I will not be recommending bulb to anyone! I would strongly advise anyone that I speak to, to stay away!

Hi @jacojacobs

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I understand this is a very frustrating process and we are sorry that our service has not been up to scratch in dealing with this issue.

I am just getting in touch with the smart team about this. I can see that we have attempted to remotely commission to the gas meter multiple times but without success.

You may have been given this information in the past but the most likely reasons that we cannot commission the gas is that we are unable to connect the meter to the Home Area Network, which links the meters and the communications hub. If your meters fail to join this network, we cannot communicate with them or receive their readings.

The second error is uploading Bulb’s security credentials onto the meter. If we’re unable to upload our credentials, we leave the meter in a dumb mode for security reasons.

We’re working on remotely solving the root cause of these errors, and various other ones. Once we have a fix, we will attempt to remotely commission your smart meter, to resolve the issue from our end, without the need for another engineer revisit.

When I hear back from the smart team I will update you further.

Thank you

@Mel_at_Bulb Hi Mel. Can you check the status of the firmware update that lots of people are waiting for to get their gas meters working properly please. Thanks