Gas smart meter not connected to HAN

My gas meter readings aren’t going through to Bulb or being picked up on the IHD. After some investigation it seems clear that the gas meter is not connected to the HAN. When going through the menu on the gas meter to connect it to the HAN, it says ‘searching for network’ (or similar) and then just times out after a minute or two.
The status lights on the electricity meter also agree that the gas meter is not attached.

Does the electricity meter need to have some option clicked first to accept the gas meter to connect to it?
Does anyone have a process for connecting the gas meter to the HAN?

Slightly unrelated to this, I tried to connect the IHD to my wi-fi, but it doesn’t see it. Does anyone know what wi-fi standard the meter can handle? Is it only 2.4GHz B/G/N?

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I’ve sent you an email, so we can look into this. For this type of case, we will need to pass onto to our smart team.

Hello. I know this is resurrecting an old complaint but nothing has actually been fixed yet. Any chance of having an engineer visit to fix the issue?

Hello. I wondered if it was possible to get the gas meter to become ‘smart’. Currently I’m having to send in meter readings still.

Hi @ElAlien

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I’ve just spoken with our smart team about this, unfortunately we are unable to commission your gas meter at the moment, which would the process that would award it with it’s smart features.

I know how frustrating this is, but while we work on another fix, you’ll need to continue submitting your readings to us. You can do this in the same way as before, by clicking Submit a meter reading in your Bulb account. If you’re not sure how to take a reading, we’ve written a guide on how to read your smart meter.

Ele :bulb: