Gas smart meter not sending smart readings

Hi. Our gas smart meter stopped sending smart readings at the end of last year around the time there was an update to the electricity smart meter (around 13 Dec 2021). Before this both were sending smart readings no problem.

Initially both electricity and gas stopped sending smart readings. The electricity meter had another update about a month later and started sending them again but the gas meter still isn’t sending any smart readings. Or at least I can’t see anything on my Bulb account when I log in online or the app. I’m having to send manual readings each month which isn’t very convenient and defeats the point of having a smart meter.

Could someone advise on how this can be resolved so the gas meter can send smart readings again please?

Hi @AndyKelly :wave:

From looking at your account, it seems that your electricity meter has been transferred over to the new smart network, however when we attempted to do so for your gas, the process failed. This has meant that we’re currently not getting smart readings from the gas meter.

Our smart metering team attempt these transfers in batches, so we will be reattempting the switch for your gas meter soon. In the meantime, please supply us with manual readings, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have the gas meter connected also.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke.

Thanks for your response. Is there any way to know when it’ll be reattempted? It’s been 5 months since it stopped sending the readings so I’d like to get them back working as soon as possible so I can monitor our use better.


Is anyone able to update on this at all? It would be good to get an idea of when we can expect our gas meter to be updated so smart readings will start to go through again.

@LukeM_at_Bulb Is there any way you can give a date for this?