Gas supply cut off

Gas supply cut off. If you charge for gas I will stop direct debit.

Hi @daviddorrington10 :wave:

I’ve had a look into it and your type of gas meter has a rare issue where the can meter turn itself off after a certain amount of usage, and you’ll need to turn the meter back on. Please could you follow these steps to try and get your gas supply back on:

  • Press and hold black B button - wait for the display to show ’ please wait’
  • When prompted press red A button.
  • A message will be displayed to hold button A - you need to press A
  • Message ‘release button A’ - wait - release.
  • Gas should then turn back on

Please let me know how you get on with this. If it doesn’t work I would advise giving us a call on 0300 30 30 635, as we want to get this sorted for you urgently.

– Meg :bulb:

No, not my problem. tell gasway to do it.

@daviddorrington10 - Did you turn off the gas supply on purpose/capped it? If yes we’d need to know & we’d still charge a standing charge for the meter.

If not & it cut out when you still need it, please try what @megan_at_bulb suggested above and it should turn back on. Let us know how it goes :blush:

Cannot get down to the meters. Gasway have a problem messing up appoinments. Tell them to check emails, facebook, twitter and other media.

Listen, I cannot reach the meter, I have done nothing to it. Gasway have the answers but refuse to communicate.

@daviddorrington10 Ah okay I see- when I searched Gasway it seems like they are a boiler company which we don’t deal with. If the issue is a boiler one then you’d have to contact them to help out directly, we couldn’t help there sadly.

I do recommend trying the steps above for the meter if its the gas that’s not being supplied to the property due to the meter itself. If you’re struggling to access the meter I would recommend reaching out to family or friends, or NHS volunteers to come help with the steps :slight_smile:

Open your ears – they refuse to communicate.

@daviddorrington10 I can see what you mentioned about struggling to contact them, and I’m sorry this is the case but we don’t work with them so we won’t be able to help escalate contacting them.

Let us know if you need anything from our side

– H :bulb:

they should have been here today but failed to turn up to service boiler. They still refuse to communicate. and the gas is off. are you going to charge me for gas?

Hi @daviddorrington10

We bill to your meter readings so if you submit a meter reading each month so we only bill you to what you actually use and the standing charge.

If your gas is off please follow the steps @megan_at_bulb mentioned above and it should come back on. If not, give us a ring on 0300 303 0635

I cannot reach the meters. Falling over and being unable to get up is not what I’m going to do. You charge for the gas and direct debit will be stopped and you’re out .

@daviddorrington10 As we’ve mentioned above, if you need help to reach the meters please reach out to friends, family, NHS volunteers or your local council and they should be able to help you access them to follow the steps :slight_smile: