Gas supply in area?

I am buying a house which currenly has no gas supply - how do I find out if there is a supply nearby? It also has a key for pre-payment electricity metet. Can I take Bulb with me when I move and pay by direct debit monthly as I do now for gas and electricity with Bulb? Will Bulb be able to change the meter and tariff in time for my move in a month or so?

@joanna951 thanks for getting in touch. For new gas supply points, you would have to contact the local distribution network to set up a gas pipe connection to your house. Afterwards, you would need a supplier to take over that point and then install a meter on top.

As for the electricity pre-pay meter, unfortunately, we won’t be able to take over supply of the meter. At the moment, we are unable to supply pre-pay meters and we’re working hard to be able to supply them as soon as possible. For us to take over the meter, you would have to contact the existing supplier to change it to a credit meter so that we can take it over.

Let us know if you have any more questions!