Gas supply wrongly transferred away and email/phone support not fixing the issue

On the 14th June I received an email saying “We’re sorry you’re leaving. We’ve heard from another supplier that you’re switching your gas to them. Use the button below right away if you don’t want to switch away from Bulb.” I clicked the button straight away and received an email saying “You’re staying with Bulb. We’ve stopped the switch. When this happens, it’s often a simple mistake. It could have been a neighbour picking your address when they signed up for their energy.”

I thought nothing to it until 21st July when I went to submit my meter readings and saw that there wasn’t an option for gas readings. I emailed customer support and explained the situation. The employee didn’t understand what my problem was and after five days of communicating said that I needed to phone customer support to resolve the issue. They also claimed I was due a refund of £150, but I’ve just checked and £150 has been taken OFF my balance (even though it was marked “refund”).

I phoned customer support and the person I spoke to said she would email me the steps that I would need to follow. She said I would receive the email “in five minutes”, but that was two days ago and I still have nothing.

I’m disappointed not only that the automated system to stop the switch didn’t work, but that your staff are not capable of resolving what should be a very simple issue. And the fact that I’ve had money taken off me for no reason is bewildering.

Can you help?

I’ve now noticed that the gas reading I was asked for by email support has been entered as an electricity reading (???). All of my previous gas readings have been deleted!

Please, what’s going on?

Tuesday update. The email help person put the gas reading back in gas, and guessed what happened? I can now enter gas readings! Is this a quirk of the system? If so, maybe Bulb employees on this forum could make a note of it. The phone help I spoke to said that it would take weeks to reinstate gas readings.

Still waiting on the refund-that-was-actually-a-charge to be rectified.

Hi @Mark1 :wave: Welcome to Community :partying_face:

I have taken a look through your account and can see your gas supply was incorrectly switched away however we have been in touch with the other supplier and they have sent your gas supply back to Bulb. When this happens your billing with Bulb continues as normal and so you won’t be charged by the other supplier.

We have refunded the credit on your account as when the incorrect switch happened your account closed down for a period of time. If you wanted that credit back on the account you would need to manually transfer it from your bank account back into the Bulb account.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

– KT :bulb:

Thanks Katie, I now understand (I think).

The “refund” wasn’t giving me back money that I had been charged. It was transferring some of the money Bulb were holding as credit back it to my bank. I do think that could have been made clear. Perhaps instead of “You are eligible for a refund” you could get your help-staff to word it “we can transfer some of your Bulb credit back to your bank account”?