Gas switch

My meter is a card meter and I am wanting to switch to a bill, my old supplier said this was possible but bulb have asked for a picture of my meter and said we have to request a card. This is not an option I want a bill as this is the only reason I am switching.I have had enough of card meters. Can this still be done ? Thanks

I believe you are asking about switching form a pre-payment (key/card meter) to a credit meter. Bulb can do that (according to ) - however, they’ll have to get an engineer out to switch the meter which make take a few days/weeks hence why they are probably wanting you to get a new card for now. If you are happy passing a credit check and paying the first month up front ( ), then drop Bulb an email at saying you want to switch your meter from prepay to credit and they should be able to help (I know Bulb did have a preference for people switching their meters before they moved to Bulb - but that was before Bulb introduced their pre-pay scheme).

Thanks @RichyB that’s exactly right @Peter1980 and if you have any more specific questions please do get in touch