Gas unit rate according to the Meter

As my IHD has never worked since the smart meters were installed in April 2019, I decided to sign to the Bright app after seeing someone on the forum mention it recently.
The app shows usage, so I can see daily usage (previous day), last 7 days, and last 30 days.
Can also view half hourly usage, to see when my peaks may have been.

It reports the correct kWh usage and standing charge for Gas + Electic, and it reports the correct Electricity unit rate.
It reports an incorrect gas unit rate.

It’s being reported as 31.274 pence/kWh, when actually it should be 2.814 pence/kWh.
They get the information from the DCC, which comes from the Meter, so something is wrong on the meter.
This is their response explaining it:

I’ve just tried checking what unit rate is showing on the meter myself, but can’t find a way to display it. Can see the one on the electric meter though.

Please can this be fixed?

Hey @ryan4257 :wave:

I’ve not come across this problem before but will raise it with our smart team now. Thanks for the detail, I’ll pass over all the info you’ve provided :+1:

@Sophiem_at_Bulb will someone get back to me or do I need to chase? If it’s anything like getting my IHD sorted should I give up already?

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@ryan4257 I’ve just heard back from the smart team and dropped you an email :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sophiem_at_Bulb Got it, thanks for the update.

@Sophiem_at_Bulb I’ve just replied to the email because it still isn’t resolved, and the DCC is still reporting an incorrect gas unit rate.