Gas usage Cost query

Can anyone explain why after 12 mid night my Ihd displays 20pence in gas usage when the gas has not been used all day ? .
Is this the standing charge or a mistake in the smart meter / account settings .
20p x 365 is a lot of money going somewhere

Yep, it is the gas standing charge. An update is going to be issued to the IHD’s so this is the same with electricity too :slight_smile:

Sorry for the slow response.

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Hi @davenet

Just to confirm, that is absolutely correct - the 20p is the daily standing charge which is added in the early hours of the morning. No gas consuming ghosts or ghouls turning the heating on :ghost:

And you’ve still beaten me by 14 hours @izzyhunt, no need to apologize fot the slow response I daresay :sunglasses: