Gas usage gone up since the smart meter has been installed

Hi, Has anyone noticed that their gas usage has gone up since their smart meter has been installed? Mine has allegedly gone up by 25% on this time last year even though i have had double glazing fitted? This on top of how much the tariff has gone up over the last few months makes me question being with Bulb

There are multiple factors that increase your gas usage.

  • For most of this month it has been around 5 degrees colder than this time last year according to accuweather.
  • Your gas calorific value may have changed requiring more to get the same output.

Smart meters should not affect the usage and may be more accurately measuring your usage.

The tariff has not gone up since September last year, and it came down slightly in March this year.

You’d get a price change email if the tariff was increasing

Thank you Good point.

Hi All,

yes the gas usage cost is gone high since the smart meter was installed in 2nd Jan 2020, the heating settings and the usage is same in Dec, but the cost is gone high, there is no other change in the property except the smart meter installation. i cannot get the contact details of buld team to contact and discuss, does any one know the direct contact details of Bulb support?


Please have a look on the Help page, there is a link to Bulb’s contact details?


Are you sure you are converting the new readings from metres cubed back to cubic feet correctly?? My old meter was in thousands of cubic feet but the new smart meter is in cubic metres. I panicked at first as well. You may need to divide by 3.5 to get direct comparison unless of course your gas meters read in KWh but I doubt it.

That is incorrect - the CET (Central England average temp) for December 2018 was 6.9C compared to 5.8C this December so 1.1C colder. This will of course increase gas usage but a 5 degC differnce in average monthly temperatures would be extreme in the least and be on a par with winters of 1947, 1963 and 2010!

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Don’t bother using the chat to ask. It’s never on. Also my statement said I’d used 700. Ever since the smart meter came in. Then another transaction saying 650 off. Now they say it’s gone up by 10. Never comes down you notice.