Gas usage not accurate on meter

Hello, I had smart meters fitted in August, since then my gas usage does not show on the in house monitor and consumption shown on the metre itself is lower than expected. I have been in contact about this issue previously but the problem persists. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @sjmale,

Thanks for your message. The good news is everything is commissioned and we’re getting smart readings. So we can try the following to get your gas meter readings to show:

Please could you follow this link and fill in the details of the issue?

Once you’ve sent that in we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working within 24 hours.

Make sure you keep your IHD turned on and within 5m of your electricity meter overnight and restart it in the morning if nothing has changed.

If this doesn’t work, please try following the steps in your Bulb account again on a different date (the fix sometimes works the second time). If it’s still not working after 2 attempts, let us know.

Hi, The link just takes me to the bulb homepage,( is that right??) - and to the three standard questions/ instructions re proximity to electric meter, switch off and on and is the monitor lit up. I’ve completed those several times previously with no success. I’ve done them again anyway. Your message suggested the link would ask for details of the issue.

Hi @sjmale,

You got to the right place, sorry if my message was confusing.

Please ensure you follow the instructions and let us know if in 72 hours you haven’t noticed a change on the IHD.