Gas usage not showing on app

It’s been almost 2 weeks since gas readings stopped showing on my app. Getting the electric ones. I’ve tried updating the app, uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still nothing. Can someone help with letting me know how this can be rectified?

Mine has never shown gas in the app, back in March when I ask about it Suki told me it would be resolved in a few weeks, I’m still waiting.

Hi @y_n :wave: and welcome to the Bulb Community :partying_face:

Our usage graphs are currently in beta mode (trial mode) so they do experience some teething issues - in regards to your account, everything should be coming through as it should do. Is your IHD showing your gas usage correctly or is this not showing any gas information either?

Hi @Treef :wave:

I can see you have first-generation smart meters which have been DCC enrolled so we are still working with the smart network operator to get this information through and displayed on your usage graph. These changes have begun to come into effect for some of our members as these updates begin to be rolled out.

I do apologise for the delay and appreciate your patience in this matter.

Luke :bulb:

@luke_at_bulb thanks for the reply. Recently moved to a new place but don’t actually have an IHD not sure if the previous resident took it with them-so I have been relying on the app which was working until a-few weeks ago. Is it possible to get one?