Gas usage this week (it's Monday) £99,999

Just thought I’d share this to the community. I’ve been asking Bulb (DCC?) to sort out my electricity billing and IHD display for six months to no avail. This is today’s little bonus.

Be careful. Bulb will probably bill you for that. :wink:

If they try for a DD of £99,999 it would be declined by the bank unless you have at least that amount in the bank, but even the bank would be suspicious of a DD for that much.

If you have £100,000 in the bank, what are you going to invest the leftover £ in?

Hi @mjmc Thanks for flagging this, I’m sorry that your In Home Display is showing this incorrect figure. We would never bill you to this and in this instance, fortunately the IHD data in no way informs your usage statements.

This is a known issue that the smart team are investigating to find a fix for. Is it only the gas weekly data that this is impacting on your IHD?