Gas usage.

I cannot believe the bill increase I am seeing about my consumption. There is absolutely no way I can possible use all that gas. Something is very wrong and I want it looked in ASAP or I will be going down the legal route. I live here with my 5 year old and I’m out more than in. £385 in debit to you how can this be? I have asked u to check my meter is working correctly to be told they will be an astonishingly charge. This is not good u don’t seem to want to resolve this. My monthly payment are £85. I’ve never missed a payment. Explain

@Claire2008, if you are submitting regular meter readings then the usage may be accurate. If you’ve not submitted readings for a while, perhaps estimates have been making Bulb suggest much higher usage.

If you’re sure that the usage is not accurate then you my have a faulty appliance causing that usage, or an issue with the meter.
There’s no charge to yourself if the meter is found to be inaccurate - Bulb would in that case amend your account credit to be in line with your actual usage (or they may assume no usage if they cannot get an accurate reading from the meter).
Obviously if Bulb check your meter and find there’s no issue there and it’s an issue with an appliance you own or just generally high usage, the charge would be completely justified. It costs them to send an engineer to your property to check the meter so it unfortunately cannot just be done for free.