Where do you source the other 90% of your gas?

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@jessnorgie30, I believe it’s a mix of sources but at present none of it is sourced from fracking.

Yep- that’s exactly right. We get it from a mixture of sources that allow us to offer the best rates to our members- but none comes from fracking.

Thank you that’s great to hear.

I see that the biomethane you use is sourced from pig manure which isn’t harmful, but also from maize and sugar beet, i.e. dedicated crops. The Soil Association say that having many maize crops dedicated to creating fuel is highly problematic. (

How possible would it be for Bulb to wholly invest in turning waste (pig manure), food waste and sewage into biomethane instead of using maize and sugar beet?

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waste (pig manure)
Interestingly as far as I've seen so far, this has been the most contentious topic of Bulb's bio-methane supply with people not wanting to fund the meat farming industry in any way.

Figures were previously given that there was enough bio-methane in the UK to supply 100% biogas to approximately 250k houses.
With Bulb’s continuing rapid growth and the fact they offer 10% bio-methane supply at the moment, I doubt cutting out a significant proportion of this would be particularly viable.

@jessnorgie30 UK bio-gas production is still in its infancy so the options available at this early stage are limited in terms of feedstocks and production methods. We do have a passionate group of team members here working on our future green gas procurement, with all of them having a strong knowledge of the subject and having their own preference on our strategy as the industry grows.

We will add all the new arrangements we make to the fuel mix page: