Hi I changed both electric and gas. Only the electric has changed over and when.i rang about this o was told my gas would change over in about 10 weeks it was die to moving on to a new build the gas was not on the national data base. After 10 weeks or longer I rang again has it still was not on you payed my back what I had been paying for gas and said another 4 weeks and to ring my old supplier for them to sort it again which I did. I still has not been switched over can you please tell what is happening has I am still paying for both gas and electric thanks

Hey @Sammie and welcome to Bulb.

Oh no, that’s not what we like to hear. If you pop this message over in an email to or to one of the friendly faces at Bulb, they should be able to get you out of this pickle. Here’s @“Eleanor at Bulb” to help.

Hi @Sammie.

I’m just doing some investigative work into what has happened.

I am sorry it has taken so long. Unfortunately, new builds can be frustrating as the meters are not always registered on the national database when the house is built!

We are only supplying your electricity meter. I can see that Kai refunded any payments you had made for gas. You can change your Direct Debit on your Bulb Account if you would like to increase or decrease your payments.

I’ve looked on the National Database and your meter has not been updated by the current supplier. I’m going to send you a private message asking for your MPRN (meter point reference number) so we can get this sorted.

It may also be worth checking with the current supplier if this has definitely been updated.