Gen 1 Smart Meter stopped working

Contacted you a while back as my meter has suddenly stopped sending readings. Just checked and nothing has changed. Estimate readings are still being used and obviously usage is not visable which is t very helpful when prices have gone up and people are trying to monitor usage. Any idea when I can expect things to be back online?
When I spoke to an bulb rep they did mention Gen 1 meters being changed out. Any idea when this may begin. Really Frustrating not having an IHD.

Hi @B-Road :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch. It looks like your meter is a 1st gen smart meter as you mentioned. I can see that your gas meter has been moved over to the new smart network, and is sending readings over to us regularly. With the electricity, the switchover appears to have failed, meaning we’re not getting the readings through anymore. When this happens, our smart team are made aware, and they will include the affected meter in a future batch that they run.

So we will soon be able to pull through your electricity readings, and when we have it back up and running on the new smart network, we should be able to send through a new IHD for you also.

-Luke :bulb:

Thanks for starting this one @B-Road.
Can you help @LukeM_at_Bulb ?
I too have an early British Gas Smart meter and, some time after moving from BG, Bulb was taking automatic readings for both Gas and Electricity and the IHD was giving us our daily ‘Cost Shocks’ :exploding_head:
Last week though the Gas reading disappeared off the IHD and Bulb doesn’t seem to have received any automated readings.
The IHD doesn’t have any power buttons, just plug-in power and a Reset pin-button, both of which have been tried.
I can see there’s a Pairing option on the IHD but it needs an Installers PIN which of course is not available.
Any suggestions folks?

It would be great if I could get an IHD. I was told it wasn’t possible on a Gen 1. But it’s so handy having one on display. Especially for others in the house who don’t have the bulb App. Had one at the previous property and loved it.

At my old place I had an issue with the IHD losing info. I powered it down and then reset the Wi-Fi from what I can remember and it came back. My big at the minute is not having an IHD at all. Was g one at this address when I moved so unless you check the App daily you don’t know what you are using. The “shock” of seeing it all time really helps you.
Our Nest was heating the house through the night costing us a fortune which we didn’t know until we got bills through.

Hi @stephenburden :wave:

It looks as if your meters are still communicating with us and sending us readings, they should send another reading in the next few days.

In regards to your IHD Can you please fill in this form: Bulb account

Once you’ve sent that in we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working within 24 hours.

Make sure you keep your IHD turned on and within 5m of your electricity meter overnight and restart it in the morning if nothing has changed.

If this doesn’t work, please try following the steps in your Bulb account again on a different date (the fix sometimes works the second time). If it’s still not working after 2 attempts, let us know.

Hi @B-Road :wave:

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to send out IHDs for smets1 meter as the IHDs we have stocked are not compatible we are currently refining the process of sending out ember IHDs so as soon as we can send one out we will let you know.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience here.

If you have any other questions please drop them below :point_down:

Luke :bulb: