Genuine environmental benefit of Bulb

Apologies if this question has been asked before - if so please direct me to it!

Unless I am mistaken, the genuine environmental benefit of encouraging consumers to purchase renewable energy is to demonstrate the demand for renewable energy, driving up the cost and encouraging more investment in renewable generation.

I have just seen data that says that Bulb sources nearly all of its renewable electricity from hydro-electric power ( There is little scope for further development of this type of generation in the UK. Is using hydro almost exclusively a policy for Bulb, and if so how is Bulb contributing to the expansion of renewable energy in the UK?

Hi @WilliamShanks - Good question, happy to answer questions about where our energy comes from. We used to be mainly hydro, but that was when we were much smaller. Hydro’s only about 9% of our power now, our full fuel mix is here:

We’re always on the lookout for new methods of production, and that’s why you see us utilising wind more now - especially with some of the awesome work done off-shore in Scotland recently.

Thanks for the explanation - I now can’t find it but I saw a map that only had hydro on!