Get a Quote page - a suggestion?

I’ve just joined Bulb and would like to make a suggestion about the ‘Get a Quote’ page. When I got my own quote I was initially both dismayed and put off by the simplistic and, as it turns out, extremely inaccurate result! Based on a 3 bedroom house, it tells me my bill will be £73 a month - take £30 off that and we’re getting closer to the truth… It was only by scrolling down and scouring the page that I discovered “Have your bill handy? Refine your quote”. None of my friends & family have showed any enthusiasm for the current refer a friend offer and it’s occurred to me that this may be why! Some people will take that very generalised figure that leaps out at them as being their ‘quote’, and run a mile if it’s far more than what they’re currently paying - I didn’t, because I’d already had recommendations and so I persevered. Perhaps the “Refine your quote” could be highlighted and made more prominent? Just saying… :wink: <3

@Carolyn For the majority of people their usage is very similar to the industry averages, however for the people who do use less or more this means that quote is inaccurate. I have passed your suggestion on to the tech team though :slight_smile:

I think @Carolyn is making a very good point. I’ve just done it and get a quote that is £40 per month too high. That’s two out of two of us nowhere near the industry average. I always use my annual usage but many people may not.

Hi @xxx thanks for the feedback too. We will certainly bear this in mind. Also, great job using so much less than the average and doing your bit to save the planet!

The whole thing is the wrong way round !
After selecting the options, one is presented with “Your energy will cost…” [my bold] in a large bold font. Even with a large monitor, I had to scroll down to see “Refine your quote” in a small pale font.
The default option should be one where current consumption/cost figures are entered, with an alternative link for a generic quote based on house type.

i thought it was common place to be asked for your figures and then get the quote, but the first other energy company i went on to see if that was the case do it the same as bulb - (OVO)

At the minimum it should be a much bigger font saying get actual quote here and have it much closer so it can be seen on the same page without having to scroll down to see it…

Personally i wouldn’t even think of signing up to an energy company without putting in my personal figures

I’d copy the way Tonik does it (and delete this post if deemed inappropriate!)

@198kWh @tom6685 @xxx Our original thought was to give any potential customers the easiest way to join with no restrictions such as finding a bill or calling their current supplier to find annual consumption figures. We wanted people to be able to do it in a few minutes.

I don’t think that we would change the standard to be giving consumption figures but we could definitely signpost the “refine your quote” option more clearly.

Agree with comments that others have made. The option to ‘Refine your quote’ really should be clearly visible near the top of the screen and in a bolder font. As for telling people “Your energy will cost…”, when this figure is actually just an industry standard, how about adding “…give or take £30-40, depending on how much you use”?!! Joking apart, I am merely trying to make a point about how the use of one small word -
in this case “will” - can be very misleading. Other than that, I’m liking Bulb a lot so far - thank you for passing on the suggestion @danp :slight_smile:

I’d put both side by side as options? People can pick whether ease or accuracy is most important to them.

@Carolyn @matthew744 Thanks for your comments, I am discussing this with the growth and tech teams and doing some analysis on how often the basic quote tool is accurate. So we can see what that tells us!

@Carolyn @matthew744 Thanks for your comments, I am discussing this with the growth and tech teams and doing some analysis on how often the basic quote tool is accurate. So we can see what that tells us!

@danp That’ll be interesting to see. Will you let us know what you find?

Thinking about it, you’d expect to see a significant deviation from industry average for many Bulb customers since energy efficiency is what attracted us to the company in the first place.

@xxx Absolutely :slight_smile:

Exactly what I meant to say @xxx

@“DanP at Bulb” What did you find Dan?

@xxx Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

Interestingly the average consumption for our customers are around 30% higher than the OFGEM generated industry averages shown here:

We may well use this information to adjust how we quote people through our join site in the future.

@“DanP at Bulb” Higher? That’s disappointing and not what I was expecting.

The default quote option should definitely be calculated on current consumption/cost rather than number of bedrooms. Are you considering this yet?

@xxx We are currently looking at changing the sign-up site and making it much easier to use your consumption to generate a quote, so watch this space!

@"DanP at Bulb" Higher? That's disappointing and not what I was expecting.
From my perspective, although I also find this a little odd, getting the largest consumers of energy onto a renewable tariff and then slowly encouraging them to use less sounds like a good thing to me.

From an environmental standpoint, often keeping old equipment that uses more power can be far better for the environment owing to the limited lifespan and extraordinarily large embedded carbon of new products. Especially electronic devices.

I know Bulb is popular amongst EV users due to having one of the lower priced E7 tariff’s, so that may go some way to explaining the higher than average figures?