Get anti-surge electric units to avoid those spikes and power surges

I’ve bought a few of these and found it better to buy ones with individual power on and off switches for each connected 3-point plug. It helps when resetting items like Freeview set top boxes when something’s gone wrong with the reception of the TV signal and the box freezes and the remote control doesn’t work. Sensitive items don’t respond well to when we disconnect the plugs, so an anti-surge unit power on and off alternative seems much safer. The items cost about £10 or so and I think they are a good investment considering they prolong the life of the connected equipment. The less replacing and repairing going on must make for a greener world.

I’m not sure I’m clear on the products you’re referring to here. You’re not talking about surge protected power strips, rather a product that has some kind of spike suppression for turning on/off connected devices?

The main issue with devices like satellite/freeview receivers tends to be their HDDs as they are typically recorders as well as TV decoders. You can cause damage to the drives by turning them off before the heads are properly parked. Any kind of suppression circuitry for switching on/off isn’t going to improve this situation.

A lot of receivers have an optional setting which means they turn themselves off more fully when you power them down, but this causes a slower switch-on and off time, and can limit recording options.