Get it free with bulb

after escaping from my cave where british gas tried to imprison me, i called round to see my mate nik tesla. he was out the back planting daffs, tulips and bluebells in his garden. i asked him why and he told me doing this would save the planet. how’s that? i asked. well, said nik, wait til tonight and you’ll see. so we sat in his garden drinking tea made on a smokeless fuel fire waiting for nightfall and talking about a new company called bulb. nik said this new company could explore dc current in the earth and make it available to everyone free. i was confused, what’s currants got to do with free tricity? getting dark now and i walked round nik’s garden to seen the bulbs he’d put in. they all lit up with immeasurable lumin without being plugged in. now i know why that company’s called bulb.

Perhaps you have been in your cave for so long you didn’t realise garden centres are shut just now, and we cannot buy bulbs

“i was confused“
Under statement. Keep taking the meds.