Get ready for an app-date!

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working hard over in Bulb HQ on a number of cool tech updates, and we’re excited to announce that some exciting changes are shortly coming to the iOS app!

The upcoming release will feature updated navigation and usability with a couple of key changes:

  • Back button functionality introduced throughout the app
  • Redesigned navigation bar
  • A new “Account” tab
  • Resolved some layout problems

We love hearing from our members about the stuff we put out, and I read through every comment that comes through. We’ve seen some clear trends about new features that you think would make the app better/more useable/more appealing, and I’m delighted that we’re addressing some of the most regular requests with this update.

We’ve got a lot of great updates to the iOS app in our pipeline (as well as plans for all our Android users), many suggested by members, and we’re always keen to hear more! Let us know your ideas for future features in a reply here.


Sian, Product Manager

A rough ETA on the Android release at all?

I yawned at the ‘cool tech updates’ and ‘exciting changes’ re the iOS app, we Android users are still awaiting a first go at an Android app! Hop to it, if you please!

Hi @ross8192 and @stephen9620 ,

Check out Bulb open roadmap to track the movement of the “Launch Android App” (currently in the Short-term - 3 months category)


Tried to download the app from the Apple App Store. Why does it need my credit card details etc ? I’m loath to enter data into another site just so I can monitor my usage that is paid by a direct debit ?

@victor, does the Bulb app specifically require your credit card details or is it just the Apple App Store?

If the latter, you can get around the requirement if you’re only wanting to download free apps (see here:

Yes, you are right. Don’t know why I didn’t see that. Thanks.


@robc, I understand that you might not be able to provide specifics and don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but can you expand on what that means?
As it’s already in the shortest timeframe category, presumably when it moves will also be when the app’s released.

Monzo admitted previously that their Android app was taking longer as they were struggling with a small team of Android developers.
Are you having similar issues or is it actively being worked on with a team who should be able to provide a release shortly after new year (3 months after it was added to the roadmap)?

@victor, Glad I could help; Apple don’t always like to make things obvious or easy!

@mowcius We are working our hardest to get the Android app out as soon as possible but we don’t want to release it with lots of pesky bugs. At the moment, the best time frame we can give is within the next 2-3 months however it is always subject to change. Fingers crossed that it comes out soon :slight_smile: (I’m a big Android user myself!).

Hi @“SJ at Bulb”, thanks for the response.
That’s fair enough, it’s always better to release late with polish than release early with bugs and poor usability.