Get refund from account is credited

Hi ,

My account has credited 125.90 and It is so difficult to get refund.
I called the hotline 0300 30 30 635 on 28 / 5. The gentleman verified my personal details and advised will refund to my debit card which is the same card i have been paying the bills.

Then 4/6, i checked my account and it is nothing have been credited, therefore i called again.

Another gentleman verified my personal data and said i shall login and locate account setting, input my debit card nbr and hence will refund the credited amount.

However, i screen the web and unable to find account setting or any column i could input my debit card nbr…

Could you advise what should i do to get my money back? I feel hopeless and perhaps, i should just forget the credited amount 125.90. Is that right?

Chuang & Lee


Wish to further explain the frustration experience. Initially we send message there for refund arrangement, then we been asked to call hot-line. For all the back and forth process spent 2 weeks. All seems meaningless. Is this made by sort of purpose?

the whole process treat an ex customer alike a soccer, kicking around and never end. is this really a service? I am apologies but imagine our positing switched. spent so much energy on your web, communication here, phone calls…the truth is i cannot get back money back as of today and every time i calls, i need to recap my whole story again and again.

I cannot imagine if a customer is not fluent in English. what can they do? lucky that i am not one of them.

Just simple tell me, what can i do? call again and locate an account setting which is extremely difficult to find in here?

Please let this end soonest possible, please…

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Energy usage for everyone dips in the summer months, so I imagine this is a ploy to stop their share price from dipping because of their lower turnover…

Shame it’s not their money.
I guess that’s theft then.
I’ve always been confused why electricity companies get a pass with this debacle.

I’m going to prioritise using a company that only send me a bill after I’ve used it.
Screw the environmental factor if their business ethics are the same as the big companies, how can I trust all the eletricity they supply IS from 100% renewable.

85 in credit, been with bulb since march.

Its not 100% renewable

Most of it is covered by REGOs, which “technically” make it renewable but not in reality as the branding of 1MWh being renewable doesn’t accompany the said 1MWh. They can literally buy coal-sourced energy, stick a REGO on it and sell it on as “green energy”.

Hello @glochuang,

Welcome to Bulb’s community and thanks for reaching out.

I can see the account closed up on the 22nd of May, and you’ve also had your final bill, leaving the account in credit. I can see the direct debit on the account is no longer active, which does mean that it can take longer for the refund to return to you, but we will ensure that this does return to you ASAP.

Thanks, Freya

HI Freya,

What can we suppose to do? Then, keep waiting for unknown?


When we pay there is a criteria, but when get refund, it seems there is no procedure, i am sorry but is this a joke?

@glochuang Refunds are automatically refunded within 10 days of a final bill if the direct debit is left active, that’s why we encourage people to leave it there so we can sort that out. If its been cancelled it can cause some issues as there’s not an active payment method on the system any more.

We’ve sent you an email about the final bill refund as it will be sent via [Transfer]Wise. Please keep an eye out for it as the next steps will be there :blush:


1st of all, i never set up direct debit (CITIGOLD). I pay everytime when i got the bill.

2nd of all, you dont have my update debit card nbr, how to proceed with transfer wise? Moreover, i cancelled my CITIGOLD yesterday and i have a new Barclay premium account.

Finally, any solution if i can inform you my account nbr? Otherwise these conversation never end. I feel sorry about both of us keep spending energy for this kind of issue.


Thank you. appreciate that you provide a new direction now. Thanks.

@glochuang Wise (formerly Transferwise) works by emailing you the amount and then you input your details to receive the payment so we won’t need this bank account information to send it to you, as you input this yourself. It should come through in the next week or so according to our Ops team. Let us know if there are any issues with it :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like a refund as I am in credit by more than one month’s billing.

I thought it was supposed to be something we could do on our own in settings. Apparently not.

I want the maximum refund possible.

Thank you.

It’s never been something you can do on your own. You need to call or email. A post on here won’t guarantee a reply as it’s a user forum and not always looked at by Bulb.

Hi @deba360 :wave:

Welcome to Bulb Community!

I’ve refunded the maximum amount (leaving one monthly payment). This will be with you in 3-5 working days :money_with_wings:

Cara :bulb:

Hello, thank you so much for your reply and apologies for getting back to you so late. It actually looks like it’s been taken care of already! Good on you Bulb.

Hello Cara, That is fabulous customer service. Thank you so much.

Hi Debra, so you didn’t have that message asking to increase your DD even if you`re in credit?

My DD is currently £67, I have £118 in credit, summer is here but I keep getting that increase request and makes me wanna switch…


£118.60 in credit

Your payments won’t cover your usage through the year

Based on your current balance and energy usage, we recommend changing your monthly payments to £76.55. Otherwise you’re likely to use up your credit over time and go into debit.

Or you can top up your balance to get your account on track.

Hi @Doinita

Thank you for getting in touch.

I can see prior to the increase of your direct debit, your payments were not covering your monthly usage which would explain why they were adjusted. However I do appreciate we are now going into the summer months and your usage may start decreasing because of this.

Would you like to refund some of the credit in the account? If your usage does decrease as expected, we can then adjust the payments to suit this.


Hi Nathan, thank you for your reply, I don’t want a refund, I want not to get reminders to increase my DD, as I posted last year I never was in debt, I always top up when needed and I give monthly meter readings.

All those constant DD increase request is annoying.

Thank you.