getting a new gas connection and meter

I am looking into getting a gas connection in my home (currently all electric) and this is something that came up on the SGN website:
“You’ll need to choose and sign a contract with a gas supplier who will also fit your new meter.” My electricity is with Bulb and I would prefer to use Bulb for my gas as well. How do I go about sorting this?

Thank you

Hi @Gemz29, unfortunately, we don’t offer setting up brand new gas connections yet. What we would recommend is getting one of the larger suppliers to do this for free, and then to switch the gas over to us!

Hi @“Callum at Bulb” Thanks. It is SGN (scotia gas network) who will be connecting the gas. Will I still need to contact another supplier? I thought it was just the meter I needed from bulb?

Hi @Gemz29, unfortunately, you will need to talk to another supplier as well, connecting brand new points is not a service that we offer yet