Getting a refund for the credit on my account.

I posted this on another thread but have not received a response.
Good Afternoon, can you please refund anything over one month’s worth of credit from my account? I am looking to increase my monthly payment anyway throughout the winter months. Thanks Amy
And can you please tell me why when my energy has consistently been £26-£27 per month you have calculated my average cost at £40.50 per month? I would like my credit refunded based on my actual usage rather than my ‘average usage’ that is incorrect.

Hi @AMYLEIGH1987 - I’ve sent you an email regarding this, shoot me a reply if I can help with anything else.

Hi Bill,
My question is exactly the same as above. Please email me the details too.
Thank you

No problem @Romie - I’ve emailed you the details, have a read, and reply if you have any other questions.

I still don’t understand how to read my electricity statements…

Not to worry @MB98 - I’ve sent you an email, we can go over it.