Getting a reply from Bulb


Have you ever tried calling that number ?


What is the direct line to an adviser?


Daisy, I phoned Bulb a week ago with no problem getting to speak to a human being…

Thanks, Daisy, cash flow is a little problematic at the moment, I am waiting for a completion date then we move hopefully before the end of the month. My bill tomorrow should be very low as I have been overestimated by 100 cubic whatevers on the gas, I have £184 credit, to be £311 credit tomorrow, I could use that money as it will never be needed for my bills.

No one from Bulb has bothered to answer an email I sent them on 23rd September.

Yet ONCE AGAIN they have put up my electricity monthly payment for our sewage plant claiming we ‘will get behind with our payments / not planning for winter ahead blah blah generic nonsense.

Our sewage plant electricity remains the SAME - ALL YEAR ROUND!!! We don’t poop MORE in winter !!! Wrote to Bulb 23rd September telling them this AGAIN but they haven’t bothered to answer.

Time to investigate a new supplier. I can’t abide poor customer service.

I can see that some members have been able to contact Bulb on the phone which I would like to be able to do, I have been a member for about a month now and was unable to send my opening gas meter reading as there is no button on their website to submit this, I would like to submit this. What is the correct contact telephone number please? the live chat doesn’t work, it’s an absolute joke.

I have always been in control of my usage and have switched to Bulb because I thought they were cheaper and fair and only charge me for what I was using. The person who recommended them said that their payments were reduced after the first couple of months but I don’t see why I’m being asked to pay extra each month compared to what I’m actually consuming while they learn about my usage. I have plenty of data about my usage which I can share now!!

All I can see are very angry and disgruntled customers and I am regretting making this switch now, I’ve already paid £15 more this month in my bill than I would have with my previous provider and I would like this to stop ASAP.

I can see that many members are cancelling their direct debit and I’m wondering if it would be worth me doing this also.
Would this guarantee that I only pay for what I use as calculated from my meter readings? and how, when I cannot submit the gas one anywhere?

Hello EMF42wr , The best way to input your gas and electric reading is to log into your own account properly with your email address and password and submit your readings by inputting the reading on the " submit your readings " box on the menu page where all the different sections are all together . Hope this helps :+1:

Hi. I don’t have a button to submit the gas meter reading on the website. I only have electricity. It’s as if my account was set up for just one fuel but it’s meant to be for two. It’s not that I cannot find the button/the section on the website. The issue is that I literally don’t have one.

Hey @EMf42wr :wave:

Our number hasn’t changed, it’s just more difficult to get through as we’ve had a higher inflow recently. You can call 0300 30 30 635 Monday to Friday 9-5 and we’ll be able to answer your questions and update anything that needs updating.

The quietest times on the phone is between 3pm and 5pm Wednesday to Friday so this may be a better time to call us.

If you are still struggling to get through to us on the phone, you can email, or you can contact us on twitter and Facebook too.

– Robyn :bulb:

It doesn’t help when they are only open during very standard office hours.