Getting a smart meter installed for Export payments

Moved into a house last year that was with British Gas and then switched to Bulb. The house has solar panels fitted and we should be getting a feed in tariff. The British Gas smart meter fitted doesn’t work anymore on bulb but we need a smart meter to receive export payments - How do we get bulb to come and fit one (Happy to pay for it)?

Additionally, the solar panels have been generating electricity for the last year - Can we claim for that? Or is it lost energy?

Really confused as no advice anywhere online.

You need to complete change of ownership forms for the FiT contract with the FiT licensee that’s operating the contract (possibly British Gas). Part of that will involve supplying current generation and export meter readings, and they’ll then pay the FiT. If you wanted to, you could then switch the FiT to Bulb as well.

You will always have to manually read export readings from your smart meter - those are never read automatically. So the fact that your existing smart meter has “gone dumb” is irrelevant, and you don’t need a new one.

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So your smart meter should still work fine with us - as @stevefoster has pointed out, we can’t read anyone’s smart meters remotely for export. There’s instructions for how to take an export reading from your smart meter here.

If you have a British Gas smart meter, it’s likely these instructions you need to follow:

Once you have this reading, you can use it to sign up for Export Payments. Until you have an export MPAN that is registered to Bulb, the electricity you export doesn’t go to Bulb.

Because of this, we aren’t able to make back-payments for electricity that you exported before you were signed up to our Export Payments.

I can see we dropped you an email about this on 28th January requesting another picture of the reading so we can get this sorted for you. Could you get back to us there with the Total Active Export reading? It can be tricky to get this from the meter, so this video might help.

Note that if you do this, you also need to tell your FiT licensee that you’re doing so, as they have to stop paying you the FiT Export element (they’ll still pay the Generation element) - you can’t have the FiT export and a SEG export fee.

But it’s probably worth doing as the SEG rate from Bulb is normally better than the FiT export rate (though you should check the FiT contract).