Getting an accurate balance after submitting a meter reading

I was last with EDF and the day after submitting meter readings i would be emailed an up to date summery of how much Id used, the cost and balance of my account.

on my graph April (with Bulb) has still to be filled in even though i submitted readings in April.
to me just seems like its not up to date and im not able to see where im at.
Is there any way to get accurate info on my account?

Originally with Bulb was assessed to use £78 a month, now paying £150 to try and catch up??!!!
No payment was taken in December for some reason either so debit balance increased.

Hey @nicolagarbett1 . Thanks for the feedback. It’s an interesting idea and we’ve heard of a few companies that do that. For now, the reason we’re sticking with sending statements on a regular monthly basis as it provides a good month-on-month comparison of usage, which we believe to be more useful.

However I definitely agree that there are advantages and disadvantages of both methods. For example, it could be a pretty cool experience to be able to go to the Bulb account for just one visit and both submit a reading and receive a statement of usage. It’s definitely something that’s on our radar.