Getting an economy 7 meter

I am in the process of switching to Bulb. I currently have a smart meter from British Gas. I have shown interest to switch to SMETS II, when bulb rolls that out. As I have an EV, I believe there is a merit in moving to an Economy 7 tariff. Can bulb get my current meter changed to dual meter? Or once SMETS II meters are rolled out, will that meter be able to support Economy 7 tariffs by proving hourly/half hourly reads? Hope you can help!


Hi @salil_kh, I believe that the smart meter you currently have is capable of Economy 7 reading so it should be possible to get that changed electronically.

The SMETS2 meters that Bulb will be rolling out will also be able to do all tariffs (pre-pay, standard credit, E7, E10 etc), limited only by the tariffs that Bulb actually offers to customers.

Thanks @mowcius. I am made to understand that the British Gas provided smart meter doesn’t work with other energy suppliers’ systems. And even worse, British Gas themselves are unable to provide Economy 7 tariffs using these smart meters! They also recommended I get the meter changed to Economy 7, which looks to be taking a step back! I have spoken to someone in Bulb team as well. I believe the options are simple, if I need to make use of Economy 7 tariff now, then I need to pay circa £90 to get an Economy 7 meter replace my current smart meter! Or else, wait till the SMETS II meter gets rolled out, which could be a few months away!

British Gas themselves are unable to provide Economy 7 tariffs using these smart meters
Ahh, in that case it sounds like you're a little stuck!

I’d suggest that it’s highly unlikely you will be able to save the cost of having an E7 meter installed before the smart meter rollout (from the middle of the year) so you might as well just wait now.