Getting an engineer to revisit

Hi last Tuesday I had a visit from a Siemens engineer to exchange my faulty meter. He couldn’t complete job as he says that my meter is a semi concealed unit and they cannot work on this type. I advised Bulb through my second call with Citizens Advice about this and you paid £30 into my account and you were to inform Siemens that they needed to come back to my property and carry out the exchange. As I advised bulb through online chat on Friday there has been no communication to me re a new appointment to remove my still faulty meter. It is my understanding that it is the suppliers legal responsibility to remove a meter whereby the customer states that they think the meter is faulty and would like it checked. Why am I still no further forward and still using too many units? Will someone from Bulb take ownership of this issue? When can I expect a solution and why if Bulb cannot deal with issue it is not possible for me to be provided with the contact details of the dept at Siemens who would deal with my case.

Hi @Jlstxi,

I am sorry that there has not been an update for you yet.

I have spoken with Sam who you are dealing with over email. He has assured me that he will be in touch with an update for you by the end of today.

If you don’t hear back then please let us know,

– KT :bulb: