Getting an In-home display

Hello, I previously had an in-home display about three years ago when we got a new smart meter with it (Secure Liberty 100 Meter. About a year later it dropped and broke, I contacted Utility (the company I was with at the time), they told me that they would send a new one out in 4 months. I said fine because we were responsible for breaking it as it fell. Four months came and went and nothing came through.

After being sick of Utilita, we switched to Eversmart. Unfortunely, they closed down in September and Ofgem switched us back to Utilita. Instead of staying with them given their reputation and lack of customer service, we went to Bulb. I’m supposed to be paying my first bill on the 2nd of November.

My question is, can we get an in-home display from Bulb and if so, can they provide one for free or will it incur a fee? And how would I be able to arrange for one? Thanks.

Hello? Anyone here? I can’t find anything on this.

Technically: Yes.

Practically: No. The only way to get a new IHD is to get Bulb to install their SMETS2 meters. Bulb simply have no way to pair anything with SMETS1 meters, even if they could source a compatible IHD.