Getting answer from bulb


Can anyone from bulb explain what is happening with my account?
It says my account is being closed

Alan you should give Bulb a call. There can be address mixups which cause your neighbours to accidentally switch your energy which happened to my grandparents. It was sorted within about a month but has to be resolved by you telling them that you don’t want to switch/close your account

Hi Thank you for the reply.

I have tried to contact them - email, live chat, phone and social media. No replies so what else can I do??? I have even asked one of the owners to help.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you manage to get through to them to get things sorted. Give them another try on 0300 303 0635. I’ve been quite lucky in the past, usually they pick up in a couple of minutes but who knows these days with the current crazy circumstances

I know its difficult and unusual circumstances we are in but to have to keep chasing them and being ignored is a way a company should act. I have left messages on Twitter and then people who have added messages after me have a reply. The only places I can go id the BBCs watchdog and Ofgem

Hi @alanhodkin1, I can see that we have got in touch with you via both Twitter and Facebook today. We’ll be happy to continue helping you there :+1:

Lou :stars:

Agreed. Should expect a prompt response

Nobody got back tome on Twitter except for Hayden Wood.
Someone on Facebook did contact me and you and somebody else from here have contacted me.