Getting charge double for electricity

Moved from n power to bulb. N power fitted a smart meter a couple of months after moving over. Now bulb is telling us we are using £246 on electrcity just over a month. We were only paying 130 for both gas and electricity before. The meter is showing we are using 2400kw or more a month. Could the previous npower and bulb at the same time be doubling the meter digits???

I don’t have a smart meter but ignoring the meter showing you are using 2400 kW(h). Do you know what your meter reading was when you switched to Bulb and also the last meter reading you also gave to Bulb, are these actual readings showing on your bill?

If you haven’t supplied meter readings then your bill will be based on estimated readings.

There should be no way npower and Bulb are doubling your meter digits. The opening reading you gave Bulb will be the closing reading used by npower thereby avoiding the situation of doubling any meter digits.

Explain why after switching to Bulb, Npower are installing a smart meter.

@robert1986 we’ve emailed you to get some more details about the meter. As @meant21817 says, Npower shouldn’t be installing or adjusting anything to do with your meters if you’re not with them.