Getting CREDIT refunded to Bank & directing Warm Home Discount to Gas Account


Hi everyone
So after many months of not being able to contact Bulb
my having been LOCKED-OUT of Hotmail after a Root Kit Virus
killed my previous laptop_ I am now BACK OUT and functioning
My needs are:

to have my Credit balance RETURNED TO BANK_~

to have my Warm Home Discount assigned to my Gas Account

to suspend those Direct Debits immediately the £140 has been credited to the Gas Account

I know HOW to do the last one :+1:
I know that Bulb got the discount assigned to my Gas last year :100:
I know that Bulb is able to Return the UNUSED CREDIT :100:

If Bulb would kindly arrange to sort items 1 and 2 for me
I will continue direct debit payments before the discount is used-up
Many thanks
Have a lovely Christmas everyone