Getting frustrated with gas readings

Hi there, this is my 2nd month with bulb and when it has come to meter readings and my bill it is just as frustrating as the first. The website never accepts my gas readings, I get a message to say it is higher than expected so I have to get in contact to resolve it. Last month I still got an estimated bill after getting in touch so had to contact again. I’ve had another estimate this month even though I’ve tied to submit readings. I’ve spoken to live chat today to try and get an accurate bill but I have been told the readings have to be validated. Am I going to have to go through this annoying process every month? I just want to put my meter readings in each month and an get an accurate bill!

The readings that have to be validated are to do with a 3rd party not Bulb or your previous supplier, it can take approx 6 weeks for this to happen and until it does estimates have to be used.


The data collectors have maintained property consumption records for over 70 years. Each property has an Annual Quantity (AQ) for gas which is a calculation based on your past consumption adjusted for climate. The AQ is reviewed/adjusted once per year.

It is a fact that when energy prices are rising that some consumers lie to try to save a few £s. On some switches, some consumers just don’t bother to supply a meter reading. It follows that there has to be a system to verify/to provide switching readings. In my experience, electricity tends to go through unchallenged as the Estimated Annual Consumption is updated each time that a ,meter reading is provided.

The problem will go away when, or if, we all get smart meters.

As far as your particular issue is concerned, the closing and opening meter reading must agree. As the gaining supplier is required under its supply licence to manage all aspects of the switch, you should raise the matter with them. Usually, it is resolved by a phone call from the gaining to the losing supplier.

I’m 3 months in and my gas readings are still not accepted. So yet again this month I am going to have to contact someone for Bulb to ‘accept’ them.

@EnCee it looks like @“Tallulah at Bulb” helped you here. I’m sorry the first few gas reads made the first few months with us bumpy.