Getting harassed by Bulb because of their mistake

I had to cancel my direct debit as Bulb took the last payment twice. I cannot afford to let Bulb take hundreds of pounds out of my account for no reason and with no explanation.
Now I am getting daily phone calls from the call centre wanting to talk about setting up a direct debit again. Each time I have asked them to explain to me why payments are taken twice and to confirm that the problem has been fixed and should not happen again. Bulb have not explained why payments are taken twice - even though I know it has happened to other Bulb members.
I have explained to Bulb that I have never been in debit, indeed I used to keep the account a few hundred in credit until the ridiculous direct debit estimate demands were put into action shortly before Bulb went into administration. I pay the bill the day I get it. I have had no debt since I joined back in 2013.
I have now had to ask Bulb NOT to phone me but to put their concerns in writing via email where at least there is a written record.

Is anyone else being harassed and having to take hours out of their day because Bulb keep hassling them to set up a direct debit?

Did any of the money they stole off you get refunded?

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I didn’t take any chances on letting Bulb sort it out - I just asked my bank to return the payment which they were happy to do as they could see it was a duplicate payment.

I’ve spoken to Bulb 3 times since and it’s like groundhog day every time - we start at the beginning and when I ask why two payments were taken we hit a wall. Still getting harassed by them to take out another DD but the conversation goes nowhere when I ask why they are taking payments twice. Had to tell them not to phone me and contact me via email only - since then zilch!

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Hi @MadSwitcher :wave:

I can see you’ve been in touch with one of my colleagues over the phone and they are in conversation regarding an open complaint. I hope you have received an explanation for the issues regarding the duplicated payments while on the phone. If not please let me know and I will raise this with our revenue team.

If you would like we can set your payments back up to a variable direct debit or you can also make manual payments via your bulb account through the top-up function. I do apologise for the issues you’ve had here.

Any questions please drop them below :point_down:

Luke :bulb:

Yes, I’ve threatened OFGEM and BT reporting as third unsolicited call is harassment in the eyes of such topics. I tried using a ‘variable’ direct debit only to be threatened with £15 late payment fee due to a bank holiday. Have since cancelled and now pay immediately when invoiced by debit card.

Still got harrassed about not having DD in place.

I’m don’t understand why they would say a DD is late if it’s paid after a bank holiday!! Some of my other DDs fall at weekends and are paid on the first working day thereafter. Never had a problem.

Indeed, neither could I understand where this more aggressive tone had came from. I sense the lack of regular debit being set up is a trigger for different behavior on their part.

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