Getting new gas meter installed

I have been trying to figure out getting a gas meter installed once I get gas connected to my property. As far as I can tell it is a case of getting the connection, getting the MPRN number and contacting a gas supplier to install the meter. Some people are saying this is free, some suggest it’s free if you sign up for a tariff with that supplier, some say there is a charge but no one can tell me what it is. I have been in contact with EDF and they say they cannot give me any kind of quote until I have the gas connected. Has anyone had experience with this? If there is a charge roughly what kind of figure would I be looking at? If I signed up to a tariff and got the install for free surely I wouldn’t then be able to just switch straight to Bulb? I am guessing it has to be one of the big 6 that do the meter install? I don’t fancy committing to getting all the rest of the work done to then be charged heaps for the meter.

Hi @gemz29,

Sorry for the fact your post has been missed until now: I think we the community members (i.e. other customers) haven’t got a clue on this and would advise you to contact Bulb directly at (other contact methods available - ) and let us know. My ‘gut feeling’ is that Bulb don’t do ‘brand new installations’ (but can arrange meters to be moved from temporary locations), but they’ll be able to let you know for certain.

@Gemz29, as Bulb pay exit fees, as weird as it may seem, you almost certainly could get another supplier to install the meter and then instantly swtch.
As @RichyB says though, you’d be best off contacting Bulb directly to discuss with them.