Getting scared

Hi I’m in the process of switching to bulb from boost currently have smart meters first generation,I know my meters wont work with bulb and will become credit meter the thing is I’m now starting to get scared as I dont want huge bills coming in
Did anyone feel this way

Fret ye not. B)
As long as you submit monthly readings 2 or 3 days before the billing date (Bulb send a reminder email) then there;s no reason your bills should be any different.

If your usage remains the same, then your bills will be lower due to having come off pre-payment meters and switching to a cheaper supplier.

However, there is indeed a valid concern that if you leave some power-hungry appliance running by accident you could be faced with a big bill whereas previously all that would have happened is that your topup would have run out very quickly, prompting you to investigate the problem. With a credit meter, a mistake or fault could go on for much longer before you notice, and only do something about it once the bill arrives.

To put your mind at rest, you could read the meter every few days and check the usage is reasonable. Perhaps you could do this as frequently as you top up at the moment. When you would normally top up, take a meter reading and you’ll see straight away if it’s increased by way more than usual. You could even read the meter daily, but you’d have to balance this between worrying about the bill and driving yourself crazy obsessively reading the meter.