getting the £50 discount when referred by a friend

Hi I’ve recently switched to Bulb and was referred by my son - not sure if I quoted his promo code at the time (I have the code can I still claim the discount retrospectively? ) And if so where do I enter the code???

HI @Janet55,

Your son should have provided you with a link and if you did follow the link, you would have received an email such as ‘[sons name] will be pleased to hear you’ve signed up’ (I can’t remember the exact wording) and he should have received an ‘[your name] has joined Bulb’ email.

If that did happen, you should see an credit in both of your accounts at (although they may not show as credits until the switch is complete - your son should be able to see you in the ‘Refer a friend’ section).

If there’s no track of the referral, then technically Bulb can’t/shouldn’t honour it (section 17.2.5 of ), however, if you drop them an email via with details they might be able to help/work-around things.

@Janet55 @RichyB is right, if you didn’t use your son’s link correctly, please email us with his referral code and we can add it for you manually, unless you signed up through a price comparison site.