Giving £50 for referring a friend is a bad idea

I think that giving a £50 referral bonus is a bad idea for bulb because it makes the motivation external.

For me, an environmentalist, I have the internal
motivation to promote bulb anytime I can because I want to halt the climate crisis.

However, offering the £50 bonus may change the motivation for many people from internal to external. Just like getting paid for a hobby, you lose the passion for it.

In my opinion, bulb would benefit from more referrals and not needing to spend £50 on each new customer if you promote internal motivation over external.

For example, you could send someone who has referred someone else a report showing how much co2 them and their friends together have saved. And maybe post a leaderboard of people who’s network has saved the most co2.

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You are preaching to the converted, but alas we that use bulb cannot change the way they prefer to operate their business plan. As unpalatable or as unethical it seems to you.
The alternative being to join another “green” supplier that has a more sustainable/ethical business plan

I don’t think it is unpalatable or unethical. I just think that there are better ways to promote themselves by leveraging intrinsic motivation.

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So you don’t enjoy a free drink or gift - on ethical grounds :thinking:

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Such as lowering their GAS prices, an ongoing saga which has been dragging on for months

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Oh blah blahbblah ni mater what you or your save the planet buddies say cash is biggest incentive for people this day and ages do i personslly think its a great idea so carry on bulb and plz hurry up with my £100 please.4

What on earth are you talking about?

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Hi @berg.jonathan,

Tracking CO2 savings sounds like a great idea. It’s something that we recently introduced into our annual impact report - a personalised email telling you how much CO2 you’ve saved over the past year:


Adding this as a permanent feature to the Bulb Account would be a fun idea. And if you’re after some CO2 saving competition, then I’m sure Community would be up for the challenge.

During previous research, we found that a monetary reward always comes out as the main driver for referrals. Members who want to refer Bulb will happily do it, but they need that kick to spark the conversation, and we found out that £50 of free credit does a good job of that.

This was before my time, but we once tweaked referrals so that the credit went to charity, rather than the member. We heard from our members that it was a great idea, however we saw such a massive drop in referrals that we decided to change it back.

We’ve ran lots of different referral promos in the past, such as double credit during your Bulb anniversary week, so we’re always on the lookout for more ideas.

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so you reffer people and do not use your link then? I take you you have rejected the £50 each time and explained to your friends why they are missing out on it too??

For the people wondering what the hell I’m on about, look up the book Drive by Daniel Pink. It will challenge your narrow worldview.

@William_at_Bulb I’m glad you did some testing because that is the only way to find truth. Did you test the number of short term Vs long term referrals? As I know that financial rewards tend to be a better short term motivator than long term.

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Who is Mr H? Also is it beyond mere mortals to read a book or look on YouTube for a book summary?

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Yes, Ignorance is bliss, I suppose!

While the OP’s intentions are probably well intended and honourable alas one fears they are somewhat unobtainable

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Glad you don’t understand either thought it was just us

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