Going back to British Gas

Sorry to have to do this but as no one has got back to me regarding my ongoing problem I am going back to BG. At least I will have then a smart meter which will sort my problem out.

You know you are posting on a public forum? Have you tried to actually call them?

You know you are posting on a public forum? Have you tried to actually call them?

yes, I have but I still have the same problem. no responce from

yes, I do Darryl and yes I have called them which still didn’t sort my problem out.

I know from past postings here the help staff at Bulb do read these discussions and will sometimes help.

Reading another thread on here about getting no response from emails sent to " help " even though they say they will get back to you within 5 workings days. I sent an email to “help at bulb” on July 11th, still no reply.

I think Bulb has got too big too quickly and can’t cope now with the customer services side of things which is a shame because they started off really well.

I have decided to wait until my next bill before I leave just in case someone has sorted my problem in the background in which case happy days.

Are you able to share your problem unless it relates to a personal issue or account problem? It seems pointless posting I have a problem on a customer Community forum

@Tony870 I agree. they have definitely got too big too quickly. There were once in the newspaper for being the quickest energy company to answer the phone.

Even though their response times have worsened, I would still expect them to answer the phone a lot quicker than if you tried to cal one of the big 6 and navigate through a load of options. I really hope Bulb sort this out as i regularly compare and are still the cheapest.