Going from Green to Red

Electric display on Smart Meter fine.
But no Gas readings since 1st 10 mins after install - back in July.
So much for “it will work in 48 hours”.
Heard that 5 or 6 times now.
No idea what gas I’m using, nor how much it costs.
So how can I be green?
Come on Bulb - let’s start gassing !

Same here.


I had a smart meter installed by Octopus energy and could not get connected to network so could take readings. Took few months to get connected till the meter worked properly.

Hi @Pau1_Hounse11 and @baglady,

I’m sorry your IHD is having issues, have you both tried to reset the device through your Bulb account? This should help if not. You can do this here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/ihd-issues