Going further with energy saving, part 2: Where to get free energy saving advice

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Reducing the amount of energy we use is one of the best things we can do for our planet, and for our pockets. You can find suggestions on how to save in our handy guides:

But it’s also worth noting that many councils and local authorities provide free advice too. Sometimes, they’ll even offer home visits, so it’s definitely worth checking. If you’re not sure how to get in touch, you can look up your local council online.

The organisations below also provide information and links to local or national grants for energy efficient home improvements, and support over the winter.

In England, Scotland and Wales

  • Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP) offers in-depth advice and home energy efficiency assessments across the UK – although you’ll need to apply. If you’re accepted, they may also be able to install some simple energy saving measures for free, and help you with grant applications for home improvements like boilers or central heating. What I love about this service is that it really goes above and beyond, so it’s definitely worth getting in touch to see if you’re eligible. You can take a look at their eligibility criteria and apply directly on their website or call them on 0800 060 7567.
  • Many District Network Operators (DNOs) offer free advice too. These are the companies which control the mains supply into your home, so they cover different regions. You can look up your DNO online or check the map below - if you’re better at Geography than I am…

Here’s a list of all the DNOs I could find which offer free energy saving advice, with links on how to get in touch. They each offer varying levels of advice, so it’s worth checking in advance if you’re looking for something in-depth:

In England and Wales

  • Simple Energy Advice offers government-endorsed online advice which can be tailored to your property through an in-depth questionnaire. You can also get in touch with their advisors over the phone on 0800 444 202 for free. What I like most about this service is their website, as it’s really well put together and has a bunch of free resources.

  • National Energy Action runs a free service called Warm and Safe Homes Advice across England and Wales. They can provide free bespoke energy saving advice as well as support with benefit entitlement checks, grant applications, fuel debts and water efficiency. You can call them for free on 0800 304 7159 Monday to Friday, between 10am and noon. You can also request a callback, send them a Facebook message or contact them via a BSL video interpreter using Signvideo. I love that NEA has made such an effort to be accessible by offering advice through lots of different channels, rather than just over the phone.

In Scotland

  • Home Energy Scotland has a network of local advice centres that can help you find ways to save, improve your home and access local or national grants to support any changes you’re making. You can call them on 0808 808 228 for free. This is a great service which comes highly recommended, and is well-worth looking into if you live in Scotland.

In Wales

  • Nest is a government-backed programme offering free energy efficiency advice to anyone in Wales. If you own or privately rent your home, they’ll also check your eligibility for free home improvements such as a boiler, central heating or insulation. You can call their freephone line on 0808 808 2244 or request a callback to get started. I like that they have something for everyone, and offer a really thorough service.

I hope you find this helpful. Let us know if you get in touch with any of the services we’ve listed, which ones you prefer and how much you’ve been able to save!

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