Going green in west wales

Over the last 3 years we have planted 12,000 trees at our farm. Supporting Bulb with their green credentials.


Well done!

This is great stuff. Keep up the good work

Hi Ian :wave:

Welcome to the Bulb community! This is amazing. The team here was very inspired by this incredible effort. I planted my first tree the other day for a blog post I’m working on. I’ve got a long way to go to reach 12,000 though! :deciduous_tree:

We would love to visit your farm one day. I’m sending you a private message now.

Thanks for contributions and responses. Feel that we all have to do our bit whether its 1 tree or in our case 12,000. We have had financial help from The Welsh assembly and The Woodland Trust through grants to help towards the costs of trees but we have had to plant each one by hand! We also have to give the trees a regular check to make sure covers and stakes to hold them upright are still in place. We live about 600 feet above sea level on the top of a hill so are subjected to very strong winds. We are also subjected to lots of rain but this helps the trees. We have planted only indigenous species. As we have quite a few large Ash trees we are monitoring them as they appear to be suffering from Ash Die Back.

Thanks for positive reaction. Will think about blog in new year - security issues etc.

picture is part of one of our 6 new woods.

Hi @Ianpenlan, that’s such a gorgeous view - thank you so much for sharing!

I can’t imagine how tricky it would have been to plant 12,000 trees by hand. How did you decide on which species of tree to plant?