Going paperless

Any way to go paperless with our bills?

Seems to be support for those wanting printed, paper bills, but nothing for those of us that never asked for them and would rather do things online.

BULB only do paprless bills.
Sure you’ve got the right utility company

Yep. It’s definitely Bulb. Came here via my account page.

As an ex bulb customer I can assure you they only do paperless statements via a downloadable PDF

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So I’m imagining the bills coming through the door every month??

As a current Bulb customer, they definitely do do paper bills if you request them: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003609972-Paper-statements

It would seem that they have you listed as a customer that needs etra help with billing.
They do not send bills as standard practice, hope this clears the confusion

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Hi @hrwebpro :wave: Welcome to Bulb Community

@skippy64 is correct the online statements are our default, we only issue paper statements at the member’s request, or if we don’t have any details for the occupier at a property we supply.

You should be emailed a link to your statements each month and can also view them in the ‘payments and statements’ section of your online account.


Please let me know if you’re having trouble accessing your online account

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Thanks Matthew. I can access my account fine. My issue was that we’ve been receiving paper bills since Sept '19 that we haven’t requested. Perhaps the previous occupant set this up? Who knows! One of your colleagues has now changed this for us so we should now be paperless. Thanks

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Hi @hrwebpro,

If you do receive any more paper statements, please let us know straight away.

We do try to avoid using paper wherever possible as we’re paperless company. This sounds like a mistake on our end that you’ve been receiving them and I’m sorry about this.

Thank you for letting us know about this and going forward we can hopefully save some trees :deciduous_tree: