Going Solar without been ripp off

I want to go solar with a small Install, to compensate my needs :
2 solar panels (+/- 300 W), 1 micro inverter installed on top of my garage(no need of scaflding),
=> that should cost around 500£ of parts.
When I am constacting any company (certified) to install me this setup, I have been told :not interested to install setup that are less than 4000£.
When contacting wholesale solar panels suppliers : they only sell to suppliers ( so suppliers make more £££ on top)
How can we get a setup without been ripp off by these mafia ?

are there any energy suppliers who are not helping the mafia (certificat , …)

You can find the sort of kit you’re looking for on Amazon.

I saw few of these. Note that flexible panels are not worth the money ( I think from my own experience)
My issue would be to connect the solution to the grid … and make the installation genuine

They have “proper” panels too. Or take a look at:

pluginsolar . co . uk

For something that small, you can self-install if you wish, or just get a local electrician in.

You’re not going to be exporting anything to the grid, so there’s no need for certification.