Good bye Bulb I've gone

Just to say good bye to the wonderful people who blog on the forum I’ve moved over to Octopus Agile, just enjoying fairly priced off peak electric for 21 hours a day!. I wasn’t happy Flogging a dead horse !!! sadly that sums up Bulb what a great pity.!!!


Is that using Bulb’s SMETS2 smart meters? If so that’s a very useful bit of information.

Hi Hooloovoo The meter was fitted by EDF a couple of months ago the tariff works well with SMETS 2 meters also some SMETS 1 meters manufactured by a company called Secure The transition from Bulb was complete within 17 days and 2 days later i was placed on the Agile tariff so 19 days in total Last week there was a lot of power on the grid prices dropped like a lead balloon at one point electric was almost free


How very competent and efficient!

Unfortunately my meter is an Elster and they can’t use it. So I’d have to get the meters replaced again, and I can’t be bothered. At some point my meters should get enrolled in the DCC then Octopus ought to be able to use them.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Soon to join you… I joined Bulb in Feb 2019, and in the period to Jan 2020 Ive only had two months where the gas readings were sent automatically, the electricity never, the IDD worked for one month for gas only. Bulb took two months to reply to an email (full of spelling mistakes), only to say there was nothing they could do, they were working on a remote fix (just like the one before Christmas eh) and they were not booking any reconnection visits. I wish I had never heard of them and cant wait to get them out of my life. Literally the worse customer experience I have ever had.

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I,m off as well here…in 17 days…
Not had a bad experience with bulb tbh, but my heating system is the most expensive form of heating on the market - electric wet central heating, and i have no gas…

I just found cheaper deal with another company, and i,m feeling a tad uneasy about bulb now, if i,m honest here…

Wet central heating what a nightmare cost wise you need to be on a really good tariff preferably with a low flat base rate however finding one that suits is doubtful Have a look at Octopus Agile tariff could save you a fair bit with 21 hours a day off peak I have storage heating that works a treat with the tariff Good luck

hi K60
Cheapest on all all sites for the usage i use, was neonreef…but they are brand new company, with zero track record, so kinda wary of that…
Next in line, and the one i,m moving to is >…
Cheaper unit rate than bulb, and much cheaper PD standing charge as well…

Octopus was more expensive than green for a quote, for my usage ;(

Hello Again Just had a look at the green energy Tide Tariff the pricing is excellent around 5 p during the night and 12p outside of the 3 hour early evening peak Hope this is the tariff you have chosen for your heating / Currently For heat the next day I can store 40 kilowatts in my storage heaters going flat out costing around £2.40 p for the total charge period so that’s not to bad, Running an electric boiler would be my worst nightmare There are other options available have a look on Ebay for a couple of used storage heaters the smaller ones can be plugged in to a standard socket with a timer so no great expense to supplement your electric boiler Good luck with your switch

Sorry the price of the tide tarif was taken from an older posting night rate is around 7p off peak day is around 16p and the peak period is damn sight robbery just makes the tariff really not worth it Just pleased i chose Agile octopus yes i keep rubbing in 21 hours off peak per day

hi k60 -
Remember, that we “mostly” all get different quotes, depending where you live here in the UK…
I,m in s/w scotland, and i dont get any night rate, or off peak rate here for any of the quotes i applied for ;(

So its green/oak variable rate at 12.705p for unit rate, and 15.00p for daily standing charge here, and thats the best i can find up here…except for that neonreef one, but to new company for my liking…

I dont dare even put on the separate immersion tank ON for hot water. For only an hr a day, its another £50/60 per month on top of the heating bill- cheaper to boil a full kettle here for hot water to wash dishes in ;(…

Trying to find another home to move to WITH gas…7 yrs is enough of this money out…And then i look at the Gas prices - Holy moly -
I could have gas central heating on 24/7 if i wanted at those prices !!

My heating is on every night 11pm-9am for my two elderly cats ( 18yr ), as they feel the cold badly here, but i dont grudge a penny for them. Plus its on/off for myself from 7pm - 11pm…

So far, in this cold weather, i using around £40-47 pw to heat the place, (cause of the above) and for tv/pc/lighting use of course…
And, it only a 2 bed flat as well, not some mansion lol…


Looks like it’s the both of us then. Our electricity has been agreed to be moved by Bulb and will start on the 31st. Though for now I’m only moving onto the Go tariff, this may change as I’ve got plans.

Don’t want to sell another provider too hard, but if you do wish to move over to Octopus I can PM you a £50 referral code or ask @k60toole, as this is technically their thread.

Octopus contacted me by phone on Monday and our SMETS2 Secure meter is scheduled for install on 6th of February afternoon, they also emailed me confirmation. Like @Hooloovoo our Elster AS300P is not supported yet, and goodness knows how long the DCC adoption will take and with getting an EV soon, this has become a priority. Personally I also don’t wish to touch the Bulb Smart Tariff, again, far to Beta for my liking, should have been called an Alpha stage test IMO.

My FIT is still with Bulb, at least for the next few months, therefore, I should maintain access to my Bulb account until/if we decide to move it.

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What a wonderful person you are considering your pets comfort over your own i really admire you for that not many of us left good luck


You should still be able to get on community. It’s a forum for everyone, not just existing Bulb customers. You’ll be intentionally in the state of only being able to access community, rather than it being a broken state like so many others :rofl:

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