Good Energy apparently also have 250k customers but something seems fishy.

I receive a variety of information from a number of renewable suppliers and other businesses, and they often make for interesting reading if you read between the lines.

Good Energy have just sent me an email.

According to their latest progress report they state:

Our 250,000 customers form a a community of responsible homes, businesses, institutions and independent generators
however they then clarify that by saying:
that buy 100% renewable electricity and our carbon neutral green gas; or generate their own renewable power

Interestingly, the figures from their interim 2017 report state:
Elecrticity customers down (2% from 2016) to 71,250
Gas customers down (1% from 2016) to 42,750
FiT sites up (11% from 2016) to 137,900

Even considering a continued growth of FiT customers (which some of which will be the same customers anyway but they’re treated differently), the 2017 report trend would suggest maybe 145k.
Adding on 72k of electricity customers, you get 227k.

Are they considering gas customers as additional customers despite being the same property? (and the same Good Energy account; they combined the account numbers some time ago)
In 2017 they did state over 250k customer meters

Total customer meters increased by 5% up to 251,800 (H1 2016: 239,750) driven by a growth in Feed-in-Tariff (“FIT”) customer meters.

They seem to say in their clarification that this isn’t the case but I can’t see how these numbers add up otherwise.

I can’t see them having gained 20k new customers for electricity from mid 2017 to now.

Anyone else got any ideas?

Hi mowcius, some in the industry count a meter as a customer. It looks like if you add Good Energy’s Electricity, Gas, and FiT ‘customers’ up separately you get just above 250,000.

Since 90% of homes are dual fuel, and some have more than on electricity meter, there’s quite a bit of double counting going on there.

To chime in on Jenny’s point, when we talk about Bulb’s numbers, we mean the number of actual people signed up to Bulb :slight_smile:

Since 90% of homes are dual fuel, and some have more than on electricity meter, there's quite a bit of double counting going on there.
Yeah, really feels like cheating.

Even including the FiT figures feels a little like cheating as they don’t necessarily supply them with any energy!